Wednesday, May 07, 2003

week 8

i have decided to do typing master as my short course for module three. I expect to improve my typing skills and improve my typing accuracy. my target is to get over 40wpm and a accuracy of at least 98%. i shall let you know how i go !!!!
wish me luck !!!!

Friday, April 04, 2003

Wednesday April 2, 2003
Week 5

Assignment one is due this week!
I have made a blogspot web address which is the first part of the assignment and i have made weekly posts to my bolgspot address, so this leaves my ezine and e-newsletter subscriptions.


the e-zines that i subscribed to are:

the e-newsletters that i subscribed to are:

there were many other great e-zines and newsletters that i really wanted to subscribe to but unfortunatley i wont have the time to read them all, at least I know where to go if i ever need to find information on e-learning ah i have had another e-learning experience :)

I will briefly describe one e-zine and one e-newsletter
the e-newsletter that i liked the most was as it is very interesting it contains many good and relevant articles relating to e-learning. It contains archives and i can search through different archive categories such as instructional design or digital learning. The newsletter also contains a features section with feature articles that you can comment on and it also contains a news section.

the e-zine that i liked the most was this magazine is also relevant to this subject (e-learning experiences) as it too contains good e-learning articles it also offers themes such as cartoons, book reveiws, quotations and other links. I find the setting of there magazine really easy to read and when you subscribe you have an instant reply.

hope you all were able to find relevant e-zines and e-newsletters.
I have visited a few blog spots so far they are really good keep up the good work everyone :)


Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Tuesday March 25, 2003
Week 4
our task was to read the tools of online teaching, answer questions on uts online using the groups we had formed in class.

A job well done to my group as we all posted good anwers to our questions which inturn led us to being chosen as the judicators for our class debate. The class was divided into an affirmitive and negative side the affirmitive was debating about e-learning and its advantages and the negative side e-learning and its disadvantages. Both sides put up good arguments as a judge i enjoyed the affirmitive speakers a little more as they put up a better argument and they made the debate quite enjoyable. Overall the debate went well the affirmitive side won. The use of uts online was a good idea as it made us read the reading so we could answer the questions.
When searching for disadvantages and advantages i found that there were as many disadvantages as there were advantages i found this interesting as i thought there could not be disadvantages on e-learning it was a good experience overall so you could say i had a e-learning experience :)

Tuesday March 18, 2003.

E-learning experiences week 3
what isnt E-learning?
taken from our readings booklet
author Cher Ping lim.Ph.D

i found this very interesting as our main focus was to find out what e-learning was all about so when i came across this article i decided to include what i have discovered.

Four myths that e-learning is not about are
1. E-learning is all about technology
2. E-learning is all about information
3. E-learning is all about web-based learning
4. E-learning is all about the interaction between the computer and learner


bet you all thought that these were what e-learning was all about.

so what have i established
what e-learning is all about
e-learning can be used either to enhance the corporations competitive advantages or to amplify their disadvantages.

As noted by Cher Ping Lim
e-learning can foster a learning community of knowledge workers or it can cause abstraction and individualism among employess.
Therefore embedded within the opportunities of e-learning is the responsibility to design a corporate environment with the goal of developing a learning community of knowledge workers.

Hope you all learnt something !


Tuesday March 11, 2003

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. This is my first entry and second week of e-learning experiences. So far this subject has proven to be quite a challenge in the sense that i am unaware of what is expected of me. I have read through the assignments and subject guide and there are no complaints there Anne has kindly divided the subject into four modules with an assesment in each
hopefully as we progress i wil come to understand a little bit more of what is expected of me.
i hope you all enjoy reading about my e-learning experiences :)